My Woodworking.  

Thanks to my very good friend and neighbor, Bill McAbee, I have been learning a new skill, woodworking.  Below are some of the pieces I have done in the last 4 years. 

A walnut coffee table I made for a friend in Camden

I made this kitchen cart/island for an old friend.  Oak and mahogany. The top is maple.


 Below are photos of the tables that I was commissioned to make for the new country club lounge.

I made 2 of these octagonal tables.  Four of these 3 ft. sq. tables done.
This 10 ft. by 3 ft table is to be the the centerpiece of the lounge. The photo to the right shows the grain of the wood. The white spots are reflections of the lights. All table were made from cherry and have a light red mahogany stain then finished with 4 coast of semi-gloss polyurethane and finally Johnson's paste wax.

Matching Honduran Mahogany end tables as a wedding gift for our next door neighbor Lindsey Kelly.

Toddler bed for Owen, my 2 year old(Apr. 22)grandson in Brunswick, Ga. Made of solid oak and uses hinges with removable pins for travel purposes.  The mattress slats are from his great grandfather's bed.  Only one end has Poly on it in this photo.

Experiment that turned out quite good, a poker table made from Mahogany and plywood.  It has a set of legs from a folding card table to make if very portable for golf trips. Its real home will be in the cabin. A 10 foot conference table made for Don Spivey's office. This is my first attempt at running the oak boards lengthwise instead of crosswise.  There is an extra leg for middle support.
Desk for Asa.  Made of oak and finished in walnut stain and polyurethane. The top 2 drawers were scavenged from an old table. My first time of really doing half-blind dovetail joints on the drawers.
 Asa's Bed.  It is a standard double made from oak with a dark walnut stain and waxed.  There are 42 pieces of wood in the bed.  I guess a matching chest of drawers and dresser are next up.
I used the last of my walnut to make 
a TV stand for our new TV.  I put a 
walnut stain and the just Johnson's 
wax and buffed to a dull finish.  It is 
42" wide, 25" tall and 14" deep.  
The bottom is crammit space.
Eureka! I found some more walnut, not much but enough to do a small project or two.
A bowl made from a single piece of log.  Notice the knot hole.  Kim uses this as a bread bowl. 

 A 5 ft dresser and mirror that matches Kim's bed and night stand/chest of drawers.  This is almost the last of my walnut... I'm depressed. 

Red cedar coffee table for my next door neighbor who provided two cedar trees. Queen size bed for Kim and Clayton.  Black walnut.
Mom's cedar bowl Bowl of Pecan tree from my yard.

Walnut and Oak Combo Cherry Bowl
Tigerwood  with cherry bottom Tigerwood with walnut bottom

This is the centerpiece of our cherry table.  A cherry bowl.

The centerpiece of Lindy and Joe's table, an oak bowl.

Lindy's (daughter-in-law) 9 ft. oak table.  There is a matching bench.

Walnut table and bench in Kim's Ole Kentucky Home.

Walnut night stand to match Kim's bed. Those white places are not cracks, just white sap wood.

9 ft. Cherry table for and matching 12 in. bowl for us.  I have less than $200 in these two pieces.

An experiment, a cedar bowl made from a log. Unfortunately the log was green and several cracks formed while drying.

A coat rack made of oak for the laundry room.

A rustic 4' by 4' black walnut kitchen island, serves many purposes.  I cut the walnut from nearby woods.

A walnut shoe bench for the sun room.